Key West with Black Shaft and Black Paintfill Package

Sale price$269.00

This is a unitque version of our notchback mallet. We have added a back paintfill package and a matte black single bend shaft to this set up.

This putter challenges one-piece steel milling boundaries, featuring a deep yet non-bulky footprint. Its bumper shape is reminiscent of a classic race car, guiding natural movement towards the hole. The absence of material aids alignment focus, while the deep center of gravity ensures stability. We spent hours meticulously designing and machining this one-piece construction to get the perfect look, feel and sound for avoiding 3 putts.

Putter head available in Stainless Steel Only. 

Putter Length is 35 inches with a Matte Black Shaft and Lamkin Meridian Deep Etch Grip.

Toe Hang: 20°

Loft - 3°
Lie - 71°